Turkish Airlines resume flights with strict hygienic instructions

As international flights resume around the world, all airlines are instituting measures to assure passengers of flying safely in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Turkish Airlines, which has established an extensive international network over the past few years is inching back after a two month shutdown, starting domestic flights tomorrow and flights to six countries within Europe—to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden connecting 16 cities with 14 Turkish cities—on June 18th.  But those flights will feature some of the most stringent features in the air.
Chief among them is the addition of Hygiene Experts on board to enforce the rule that all passengers wear masks (that if disposable must be changed every four hours) and that if they remove them for food service, that must be staggered at different times. These crew members are also responsible for supplying hygiene kits containing masks and disinfectants, disinfecting the lavatories, and maintaining social distancing/no lines formed by passengers and the rest of the crew.
The airline is also implementing procedures to minimize contact, maintain social distancing, and increase the level of decontamination. Aircraft undergo a two-stage fogging before every flight and have clean air systems refreshing the air every three minutes and a flow system to direct cabin air up to HEPA filters. Passengers shouldn’t expect to see pillows or blankets in flights under four hours—in longer flights, where there are blankets, they’ve been cleaned at high temperatures with special chemicals after every flight. Meals will feature more packaged and single use products and the crew will also have their temperatures taken and wear personal protective equipment.