Turkish Airlines Unveils TKCONNECT, Revolutionizing Travel Agent Services with Exclusive NDC Platform

Turkish Airlines is launching New Distribution Capability (NDC) platform, TKCONNECT, allowing travel agents with exclusive content and services.

Starting from 1 October 2024, TKCONNECT will provide a tailored marketplace, offering differentiated products and benefits.

TKCONNECT marks a significant milestone in Turkish Airlines’ mission to enhance passenger experience and to support commercial partners. Advantages awaiting the travel agencies are; a wide range of exclusive features and privileges, including differentiated ticket pricing, NDC only promotional fares, rich content supported with visuals & descriptions, enhanced and promoted ancillary services such as excess baggage, seat selection and special equipment.

Turkish Airlines’ Chief Commercial Officer Ahmet Olmustur said: “Our new distribution capability platform, TKCONNECT, will be an important milestone in our mission to enhance passenger experiences and support our commercial partners. As Turkish Airlines, we offer TKCONNECT to our business partners and travel agencies as a result of our goal to always offer advanced technology in a user-friendly way.”