Sky One FZE One-Stop Aviation Solution

Sky One HE started in 2008 with a premise to expand charter services offered by Aerospace Consortium F2E (an ACMI operator) and has since grown to become a medium-sized aircraft leasing company (wet and dry) providing charters (cargo and passenger) and all aircraft related services including crew training, operations, and maintenance.

The company thrives on dealing with challenging environments/situations and finding solutions for the same. We invest and incubate start-up airlines from around the world and provide additional capacity and support to existing airlines with established ACMI Solutions.

Sky One has a simulator training facility In Sharjah with wide and narrow-body commercial simulators. From this facility, we offer simulator training on 737 Classic and NG, A320 CEO and NEO, and 747-400.

Sky One’s current capabilities for maintenance in Sharjah and Fujairah will get a big boost with a 18500 Square meter, 6 bay hangar due to be completed in September 2023 with capabilities to offer heavy maintenance services.

We also have a fleet of Helicopters providing Humanitarian relief and fire-fighting capabilities the world over and have flown in excess of 2,000,000 helicopter blade hours for relief work In Afghanistan and firefighting in Indonesia and Turkey.

Sky One was originally conceptualized and structured to launch urgent charters for disaster management and this capability has become a key component in the current Covid-19 fight and the company continues to provide critical aviation support in Europe, the Middle East, Asia as well as to United Nations throughout the African continent, for both cargo and passengers.