CAE outlines Sustainability leadership in FY23 Global Annual Activity and Sustainability report

CAE has released its FY23 Global Annual Activity and Sustainability report, showcasing the company’s ongoing efforts to integrating environmental, social and economic considerations into its operations, and underscoring its dedication to long-term success and creation of positive impacts for its stakeholders and society as a whole.
“With a clear focus on sustainable and responsible business practices, our latest report reflects our unwavering commitment to integrating sustainability into every aspect of our operations,” said Marc Parent, President and Chief Executive Officer, CAE. “By supporting our customers’ and suppliers’ decarbonization efforts and mobilizing our employees to amplify our initiatives, we drive positive change and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.”
This report serves as an invaluable and transparent platform, fostering meaningful engagement with a wide spectrum of key stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors, suppliers and community partners. It offers a compilation of the collaborative endeavour of CAE’s remarkable team and stakeholders, who are united in a shared vision of a safer and more sustainable future.
“When it comes to climate action, all stakeholders are interconnected by the challenges that arise. CAE is part of the solution to our customers’ decarbonization challenges,” said Hélène V. Gagnon, Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement, CAE. “As the first carbon neutral Canadian aerospace company, we will continue to lead the way for the decarbonization of our industry.”
The report, which highlights CAE’s incredible journey towards environmental stewardship, social responsibility and sustainable business practices, includes some of these key points:
Enhanced disclosures covering more than 15 new material topics and performance metrics to align with CAE’s new 5-year strategic roadmap and the expectations of its stakeholders;
CAE’s admission to the Climate Group’s RE100, a collective of 400 global companies committed to the use of renewable energy worldwide. CAE’s admission to this group is a further testament to the seriousness of its achievements and commitments toward renewable energy;
Expansion of CAE’s Scope 3 reporting (emissions associated with its supply chain) beyond business air travel to additional major categories and continued integration of sustainability criteria into supply chain management processes.