FlightSafety to provide crew training products & services for Lilium Jet operators

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been announced recently between eVTOL startup manufacturer Lilium, fractional-share provider NetJets, and FlightSafety International calls for the latter company to provide crew training products and services for Lilium Jet operators. Last week, NetJets signed an MoU for up to 150 Lilium eVTOLs that it plans to operate under its fractional-share program.

FlightSafety (Booth 10948) has been developing new mixed-reality trainers for various aircraft types, including rotorcraft, and will offer these as well as courseware for the Lilium training program. The mixed-reality trainers combine virtual reality features such as views of the outside world and the inside of the aircraft with actual controls, switches, and buttons inside the device so the pilot trainee has a more realistic experience. Mixed reality can even show moving vehicles interacting with the training aircraft, for example, formation flying, landing on a helipad alongside emergency vehicles, and other dynamic operations.

“This partnership is a major step in our mission to build radically better ways of moving and to electrify regional air travel,” said Daniel Wiegand, co-founder and CEO of Lilium. “We believe that the private and business professional segments will be highly attractive markets in the future and, likewise, early adopters of the eVTOL revolution.”

“Our focus on technology and adaptive learning will help prepare aviation professionals with the highest levels of expertise to support operation of the Lilium Jet,” said FlightSafety president and CEO Brad Thress.