Thomas Flohr – Founder and Chairman, VistaJet

VistaJet is led by Founder and Chairman Thomas Flohr. Thomas is a pioneer in the aviation industry
who had the passion, skill and commitment to transform an idea into a fully-fledged, global business.
Since its inception in 2004, Thomas transformed VistaJet from two aircraft into a leading global
aviation company with over 80 mid and long-range jets connecting every continent.

Private aviation requires the financial acumen to oversee large asset financing requirements, an
ability to precisely execute on worldwide operations, whilst requiring a sensibility for every service
and product detail. Thomas started his career with computing and finance company Comdisco which
he later acquired — now Comprendium Investment SA — before dedicating himself to develop his
vision for VistaJet.

Thomas is a key investor in multiple technology, leasing and aviation companies. In 2018 he formed
Vista to consolidate the fragmented industry and offer all clients the full range of business aviation
services on a global scale.