WestJet looks to expand its network and its sustainability efforts with new Boeing orders

WestJet has ordered 42 Boeing 737 Max 10 narrowbodies with an option for 22 more as it looks to expand its network and increase its sustainability efforts. “This will foster our low-cost positioning and affordability for Canadians,” said WestJet Group CEO Alexis von Hoensbroech. “In addition, with its lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions, the 737-10 will further improve the environmental footprint of our fleet.”

Founded in 1996 with three 737s, WestJet’s fleet consists of more than 100 airplanes, including the 737 Max 8 and the 787 Dreamliner. With this most recent order, the carrier has placed more than 60 firm orders for 737 Max jets. “The 737-10 will be a game changer, with one of the lowest costs per seat among mid-range aircraft,” added von Hoensbroech.

Each 737 Max 10 will reduce CO2 emissions by millions of pounds per year compared with the airplanes it replaces, according to Boeing. The aircraft seats up to 230 passengers with a range of 3,100 nm. The more than fifteen 737 Max 8s in service at WestJet carry 178 passengers on segments ranging up to 3,500 nm.