Industry-leading comprehensive MRO solutions

Situated in Abu Dhabi at the very heart of one of the world’s most prolific aviation growth markets, Etihad Engineering is the largest commercial MRO services provider in the Middle East, and one of the world’s leading MROs in terms of capabilities, offering comprehensive aircraft maintenance solutions to customers from

Erbil International Airport: Your gateway to Iraq

Erbil International Airport (EIA) prides itself as one of the  airports in the world with the longest runway 4,800 meters long and 90 meters wide, equipped with CAT II operations enabling it to operate planes even in the most challenging weather conditions. Entirely funded by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), EIA

Zhukovsky International Airport Cargo: The new cargo gateway to Central Russia

ZIA CARGO is a cargo and mail handling operator located at Zhukovsky International Airport (Moscow Region, Russia), a new airport that took its first flight three years ago in the fall of 2016. ZIA CARGO is now at the final stage of its expansion. The company’s management estimates the overall

Future Perfect: Cavotec’s Integrated Aircraft Support Systems

Cavotec global engineering group is revolutionising aircraft servicing at airports in Middle East and all over the world with its Integrated Aircraft Support System, a unique solution that dramatically improves safety, efficiency, profitability and sustainability. “Cavotec systems play a vital role at airports by improving passenger comfort, driving profitability and reducing environmental impact,” says Juergen Strommer, Cavotec Airports and

Turkish Cargo: The fastest growing global cargo brand you can trust

Serving the air cargo industry since 1933, Turkish Cargo, the fastest growing cargo brand in the world serving 126 countries, a proud part of Turkish Airlines, the flag carrier and rising star of Turkey, is yet again expanding its global footprint. Since becoming a brand under the name “Turkish Cargo”

Sharjah Airport: Connecting Communities Since 1932

Sharjah made aviation history in 1932, when the first flight to the emirate landed at the Al Mahatta runway. Since then Sharjah Airport has been proving itself a modern airport providing world class services through a series of groundbreaking initiatives. Sharjah Airport's strategic location, midway between the Fareast and Europe,

Atitech: The independent MRO expert you can trust

With reliable and proven quality track record, Atitech has established itself as a trusted MRO company that provides a complete range of maintenance, repair and overhaul services for air carriers,even to the most diffused type of aircraft   Atitech has long been a trusted partner of Italy's national carrier, Alitalia, in

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